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How VA Loans Can Help You Buy a Home

May 27, 2024
For over 80 years, Veterans Affairs (VA) home loans have helped millions of veterans buy their own homes. If you or someone you know has served in the military, it’s important to learn about thi [more]
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Your Agent Is the Key To Pricing Your House ...

May 24, 2024
Some Highlights The asking price for your house can impact your bottom line and how quickly it sells. Both under- and overpricing have drawbacks. So to find the right price for your house, lean on you [more]
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Questions You May Have About Selling Your Ho...

May 23, 2024
There’s no denying mortgage rates are having a big impact on today’s housing market. And that may leave you with some questions about whether it still makes sense to sell your house and make a move. H [more]
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How Many Homes Are Investors Actually Buying...

May 22, 2024
Are big investors really buying up all the homes today? If you’re trying to find a house to buy, this may be something you’re wondering about. Maybe you’ve read about it or seen reels on social media [more]
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Worried about Home Maintenance Costs? Consid...

May 21, 2024
If one of the main reasons you’re hesitant to buy a home is because you’re worried about the upkeep, here’s some information you may find interesting on both new home construction and existing homes ( [more]
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What’s Next for Home Prices and Mortgage Rat...

May 20, 2024
If you’re thinking of making a move this year, there are two housing market factors that are probably on your mind: home prices and mortgage rates. You’re wondering what’s going to happen next. And if [more]
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Should I Rent or Buy a Home? [INFOGRAPHIC]

May 17, 2024
Some Highlights While renting may be less expensive in some areas right now, there are two big benefits homeownership provides that renting can’t. ​ Owning a home means you get to say goodbye to risin [more]
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The Number of Homes for Sale Is Increasing

May 16, 2024
There’s no denying the last couple of years have been tough for anyone trying to buy a home because there haven’t been enough houses to go around. But things are starting to look up. There are more ho [more]
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Why a Condo May Be a Great Option for Your F...

May 15, 2024
Having a hard time finding a first home that’s right for you and your wallet? Well, here’s a tip – think about condominiums, or condos for short. They’re usually smaller than single- [more]
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Thinking of Selling? You Want an Agent with ...

May 14, 2024
Selling your house is a big decision. Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ve probably ever made, and it’s a place where you’ve created countless memories. That combo means there’s going to [more]
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