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Moving Now Can Give Your House Its Day in th...

May 26, 2023
Some Highlights If you want to sell your house, consider doing it this summer. The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and it’s a great time for sellers. If your needs have changed, now’s the time [more]
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The Benefits of Selling Now, According to Ex...

May 25, 2023
If you’re trying to decide if now’s the time to sell your house, here’s what you should know. The limited number of homes available right now gives you a big advantage. That’s because there are more b [more]
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Owning a Home Helps Protect Against Inflatio...

May 24, 2023
You’re probably feeling the impact of high inflation every day as prices have gone up on groceries, gas, and more. If you’re a renter, you’re likely experiencing it a lot as your rent continues to ris [more]
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Why Buying a Vacation Home Beats Renting One...

May 23, 2023
For many of us, visiting the same vacation spot every year is a summer tradition that’s fun, relaxing, and restful. If that sounds like you, now’s the time to think about your plans and determine if b [more]
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Why Buyers Need an Expert Agent by Their Sid...

May 22, 2023
The process of buying a home can feel a bit intimidating, even under normal circumstances. But today’s market is still anything but normal. There continues to be a very limited number of homes f [more]
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The Impact of Changing Mortgage Rates [INFOG...

May 19, 2023
Some Highlights If you’re looking to buy a home, you should know even a small change in mortgage rates has an impact on your purchasing power. These charts show how rates generally affect your monthly [more]
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Powerful Job Market Fuels Homebuyer Demand

May 18, 2023
The spring housing market has been surprisingly active this year. Even with affordability challenges and a limited number of homes for sale, buyer demand is strong, and getting stronger. One way we kn [more]
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What You Need To Know About Home Price News

May 17, 2023
The National Association of Realtors (NAR) will release its latest Existing Home Sales Report tomorrow. The information it contains on home prices may cause some confusion and could even generate some [more]
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The Worst Home Price Declines Are Behind Us

May 16, 2023
If you’re following the news today, you may feel a bit unsure about what’s happening with home prices and fear whether or not the worst is yet to come. That’s because today’s headlines are painting an [more]
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Homeowners Have Incredible Equity To Leverag...

May 15, 2023
Even though home prices have moderated over the last year, many homeowners still have an incredible amount of equity. But what is equity? In the simplest terms, equity is the difference between the ma [more]
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